NEW: MIRO-L230 Cellular Router with Worldwide Frequency Coverage

Monday, July 8, 2024

Following the successful launch of the MIRO-L100 and the addition of a second Ethernet connection on the MIRO-L200, the MIRO series has grown even larger and more international!
The MIRO series of cellular routers provides a secure, stable Internet connection and remote maintenance in a very compact device. The latest addition, the MIRO-L230, is an international variant featuring extensive foreign approvals for China and North America, as well as provider approvals from PTCRB and AT&T.

Unique Advantages of the MIRO-L230

The MIRO-L230 simplifies operations for internationally active machine and system manufacturers. By eliminating the need for country- or frequency-specific variants, this standardized device offers an efficient solution that reduces effort, complexity and costs.

MIRO Series Highlights

  • Cellular router for connecting systems and machines to the Internet
  • Very compact design (26 x 77 x 99 mm)
  • Flexible mounting options (DIN rail or screw mounting)
  • Extensive security functions
  • Plug & play connection of icom Router Management and icom Connectivity SuiteSuite
  • Worldwide frequency coverage & extensive country and provider certifications

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