Starter Kit - Troubleshooting with camera

Need an easy way to troubleshoot with camera on your machine?

Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to analyze.
Connect several common PLC-systems to your PC via ethernet.

Need more in the future? Don't worry, you can upgrade to a full-feature ibaPDA or add on more camera-licenses whenever you like!
Manufacturers: Axis Communications , iba-ag
SKU: BA-1020
Delivery date: 2-3 weeks

How many frames per second do you need?

Standard camera calculation: n:o of cameras x 25fps


How many cameras for recording do you need?

The recording camera is also for live-view.

Combine with a IP-camera.

This starter kit for troubleshooting is a combination of the softwares ibaPDA for signal logging and ibaCapture for recording cameras synchronized with signals.

Choose either the fixed bullet-camera or the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera with magnets for temporary mounting. (no PoE included)

Optional PoE LAN-switch with 20m patch cable to the camera.

Here is a more detailed description of the concept:



But first, look at these tutorials to find out what iba is all about.

How to get startedHow to setup an acquisition from an S7-1500 PLC as an example
Need more instructions? Look at ibaAnalyzer (link).

A summary of product details listed below.
Detailed product description on each individual product:


PLC access via system services, 64 signals - Features:
 - Acquiring up to 64 signals via Xplorer interfaces
 - Data acquisition system with on-demand access to Operands/Symbols
 - Without additional communication hardware
 - Max. 16 connections / modules per interface
 - Online analyze or Offline analyze

Allows access to:

  • SIMATIC systems (S7-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
    - Data access via MPI/Profibus(for e.g. with CP5512,CP5612)
  • Codesys based systems (Codesys-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Allen Bradley systems PLC5 / SLC-5 / MicroLogix (AB- Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Sigmatek systems (Sigmatek-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Beckhoff systems (TwinCat-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
    - Supports TwinCAT-Version 2 and 3
  • B&R systems (B&R-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
    - In addition a B&R PVI-Manager license is required for the data acquisition. This license must be ordered from B&R directly on extra costs!
  • Allen Bradley systems Control-/Compact-/MicroLogix (Logix-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Mitsubishi controllers MELSEC-Xplorer)
    - Data aquiring via TCP/IP
  • Bachmann Systems (Bachmann-Xplorer)
    - Data Access via TCP/IP

Special Remarks:

  • License with a fixed price
  • No hardware interfaces(FOB / COM cards)
  • To add the latest Xplorer interfaces is possible by ordering "Upgrade-ibaPDA-PLC- Xplorer"
  • Xplorer interfaces with drive controller can be licensed seperately
  • If additional ibaPDA functionality is required (e.g. signal extension, QPanel, data stores, other interfaces, etc.) this license must be upgraded first with "Upgrade-PLC-Xplorer to PDA-V6-64". After an upgrade all ibaPDA extension features can be ordered.
  • In conjunction with ibaCapture-V4 access to video cameras is supported
  • Protected by hardlock (dongle)!


ibaCapture Server base license for video recording from cameras 

  • Analysis and video display in ibaAnalyzer
  • Select frames per second 60 or 180,
    Standard requirement is 30 fps per camera.
  • Select number of recording cameras:
    - ibaCapture-1CAM-REC or
    - ibaCapture-4CAM-REC
  • 2 year period for free of charge SW updates
    After expiration of this update periode a later released software can only be installed after an update periode extension.


Is this start kit not enough? Please look at our full-feature ibaPDA, or contact us and we will help you out!

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