Process coupling: fiber optic board (HarmonizedCode:84733020, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 11.112701
Bidirectional 96Mbit/s Rackcoupling; PCIe - Communication module for a connection to SIMADYN D or to SIMATIC TDC (Duplex FO; 96 Mbit/s)

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: iba AG
  • Interface to SIMADYN D via racklink communication modules CS12, CS13 or CS14
  • Interface to SIMATIC TDC via communication module CP53M0
  • Fastest sample rate 1ms (depends on the processor load of the used SIMADYN D / SIMATIC TDC CPU's)
  • PCI-Express card, DMA
  • Usable for PCIe-X1, -X4, -X8, -X16 slots
  • 96Mbps dual port RAM image transfer
  • Fiber optic duplex ST-ST (62.5um) to 400m (without repeater)
  • Max. 4 FOB-SD cards usable in a data acquisition computer

    Operation modes:
  • SD-TDC-Lite:
    16 receive channels, each with 32 analog and 32 digital signals
  • Request-SD:
    + Compatibility mode:
    With existing SER04A/B functionblocks (Agents)
    + Extended mode:
    With new SER05A/B functionblocks (Agents)

    Communication channels:
  • Data Request Channel:
    Request for measurement data
  • Acknowledge Channel:
    Ready for measurement; data valid
  • Data Receive Channel:
    Receive of measurement data
    (one channel in compatibility mode)
    (five channels in extended mode)

    Diagnosis features:
  • Fully automatic recognition of the coupling partners and available CPU's
  • Comfortable diagnosis with configuration display
  • Special Remarks:
  • In combination with the Add-on license ibaPDA-Request-SD, data access to max. 50 processors per FOB-SD card can be done by using symbolic address information.
    (Refer to the programming manual for SIMATIC TDC for specific limitations!)
  • Attention:
    Please make sure that the ID's for CPU, PC and Subrack are unique if more than one FOB-SD card is connected to a racklink card!
  • Status:available