Process coupling: fiber optic board
(HarmonizedCode:84733020, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 11.118020

1x fiber optic inputs + outputs, DMA functionality, PCI-Express card - Fiber Optical Board (Simplex) with one input link and one output link

Technical data:

  • Manufacturer: iba AG
  • PCI-Express fiber optic card with DMA functionality
    Compatible to the protocols used by former FOB-cards with
    2 / 3.3 / 5 / 32 MBit/s data transmission rate
  • Automatic detection for asynchronous / synchronous mode
  • PCI-Express card, DMA
  • Usable for PCIe-X1, -X4, -X8, -X16 slots
  • 1x unidirectional optical input link
  • 1x unidirectional optical output link
  • 62,5/125µm fiber optic wires with ST jacks
  • max. length of optical fiber to 2000m between devices
  • Can be expanded with an ibaFOB-4o-D (..-PCI) to an output system for to mirror the input link to an additional FO output

Special Remark:

  • Supported only from ibaPDA-V6, ibaQDR-V6 and ibaLogic from V4 onwards


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