Process coupling: fiber optic board (HarmonizedCode:84733020, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Manufacturer: iba-ag
SKU: 11.116201

4x fiber optic outputs, for PCI (PCIe)-slot - Fiber Optical Board (Simplex) with 4 output links.
A system with inputs and outputs is available in combination with an input card "ibaFOB-i".

Technical data:

  • Manufacturer: iba AG

  • 4x FO outputs, used as:
    - Active outputs
    - Mirrored FO inputs of connected FOB-i-card
  • Usable with:
    - ibaFOB-4i-Dexp
    - ibaFOB-2i-Dexp
    - ibaFOB-2io-Dexp
    - ibaFOB-io-Dexp

  • Supports data transmission with:
    - Data transmission rate 2MBit/s, 3,3MBit/s, 5MBit/s and 32MBit/s

Special Remark:

  • Supported only by ibaPDA-V6, ibaQDR-V6 and ibaLogic-V4.


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