Innovative hard and software components

Since 1993, DELTA LOGIC has been developing and distributing innovative hard- and software components for the automation and control of machines and technical systems. Our know-how and our technical components are in demand and in use in all branches and sectors. Global market leaders trust in DELTA LOGIC and rely on our Swabian goods.

Every production or process step is regulated and exactly controlled via an electrical controller. Only by using intelligent software, the high demands on the product quality, security and flexibility of modern machines can be met. Regardless of whether it is about filling machines, cold rooms on cruisers, industrial furnace plants or complete fully automated assembly lines. Anyway, with DELTA LOGIC's soft- and hardware Swabian high technology is used worldwide.

The success and the satisfaction of our customers is the ultimate ambition of our company.

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ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact

The compact all-rounder among the programming adaptors between PC and S7 PLCs ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact is a handy communication and programming adaptor between PC and S7 controllers. The electronics of the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact is placed in a PROFIBUS plug's case. Thus, the adapter is very small and handy. As all-rounder, the ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact can be connected to the PLC via MPI, PROFIBUS and PPI. The ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact independently detects the current bus settings of the PLC.


Efficient communication between PC and PLC. Conventional PLCs are often the standard solution for automation requirements. For control systems with an increased computing time or large data collectives, PCs and server are the first choice. The connection of both systems is ACCON-AGLink’s mission.


Low-cost adapter to connect a PC with a S5 PLC.
The voltage supply is effected via the PLC interface, thus an external voltage feed is not necessary.

VPN router via network - EBW100-LAN

VPN router with integrated LAN interface for a secure remote maintenance via an existing Internet connection or DSL modem (PPPoE)

Compact outdoor wall mount antenna

Outdoor wall mount antenna incl. mounting bracket for GSM, UMTS and LTE. Frequency range 800, 900, 1800 and 2600 MHz with ca. 2 dBi Gain. With SMA connector and 3 m connection cable, height ca. 193 mm.

ACCON-MPI-Adapter RS-232

A S7 adapter for the direct access The ACCON-MPI-Adapter allows the connection of a PC to a S7 PLC's MPI interface via the PC's serial interface. Perfect fields of application As programming adapter to create and change the PLC

ACCON-NetLink-USB compact

ACCON-NetLink-USB compact
The compact communication and programming adaptor between PC and S7 controllers.

PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700

Product information "PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700" The effective and universally applicable diagnostics tool The PROFIBUS-Tester BC-700 is a measuring device which allows a full and reactionless testing of PROFIBUS segments during operation. Thus, even sporadic interferences are detected. Furthermore, the integrated master simulator allows testing the bus without the need for an operational readiness of the PLC. Thus, even single »suspicious« bus devices can be tested.

Digital Leakage Current Clamp

Digital leakage current clamp 40Hz-1.000Hz, Min/Max, Data Hold. With carrying case, measuring cables, 2 batteries 1,5V , user manual (recommended accessory for BC-700 and BC-600).


S5 adaptor with USB Connection. The ACCON-COM-Cable USB is an adaptor to connect a PC with a S5 PLC. It is fed via USB. Therefore, an external power supply is not necessary.


Proven S5 programming system for all controllers from AG 90U to AG 155U.
The programming languages STL, LAD and SCF are supported.

Compact antenna with magnetic foot

Compact antenna with magnetic foot. Suitable for the mobile networks GSM, UMTS and LTE.
Frequency range 824-960 and 1710-2600 MHz. With SMA connector and 3 m connection cable, height ca. 130 mm.

Outdoor wall mount antenna GSM/UMTS

Wall mount antenna (IP65) incl. mounting bracket with 5m cable for GSM/UMTS devices with FME connector.
Frequency range 850, 900, 1800,1900 MHz (GSM), 1920 - 2170 MHz (UMTS). Height 20cm. Gain 2 dBi.

Magnetic foot quad band antenna for GSM/UMTS

Magnetic foot quad band antenna for GSM/UMTS
Quad band antenna for GSM and UMTS. For 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz with gain 2.14 dBi.
With FME connector and 2.5 m connection cable, height ca. 86 mm

Top-hat rail switch Spider III 8TX

Robust, industrial grade ethernet switch
The DIN rail switches of the Spider family have been specially developed for use in industrial environments. Thus, the mounting takes place on a DIN rail. The DIN rail switches support Ethernet 10 MBit / s and Fast Ethernet 100 MBit / s. The devices enable the establishment of switched Ethernet networks according to the IEEE 802.3 or 802.3u standard with copper technology.

up to 8 ports configurable
Space-saving, easy and fast installation in tight environments
low power consumption

Top-hat rail switch Spider 5TX

Robust Ethernet switch which suits industrial needs
The top-hat rail switches of the Spider family have been developed especially for the use in industrial environment. It is mounted on a DIN top-hat rail. The top-hat rail switches support Ethernet 10 MBit/s and fast Ethernet 100MBit/s. The devices enable the set-up of switched Ethernet networks according to the standard IEEE 802.3 or 802.3u with copper technique.

Top-hat rail holder short

To install an adapter on a DIN rail. Suitable for ACCON-NetLink-PRO and ACCON-NetLink-USB.

External 24 VDC power supply unit for S7 adapter

External power supply via power supply unit when not present or not sufficient supply voltage