PC / Server infrasturktur

Industrial computers with state-of-the-art PC technology. With the comprehensive range of the iba infrastructure products, we offer you reliable high-tech hardware. With this hardware, you can transmit signals and other measured values without any changes from the control system to the data acquisition system. There you can record the data.



At a glance

› Standard system with a hard disk; can be upgraded with up to7 hard disks

› Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

› Suited for process data acquisition and analysis

› System test and commissioning of industrial plants

Enhancement options

› RAID 1 system with 2 hard disks and redundant power supply unit

› RAID 6 system with 8 hard disks and redundant power supply unit





Customized equipment

We offer the PCs in different versions:

  • ibaRackline for mounting on 19“ rack
  • ibaDeskline as Tower PC

Both computer types have powerful processors and motherboards and run on the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Long-Term Servicing operating system. Moreover, we have equipped the computers with high-performance hard disks in SAS technology. Hence they are extremely robust, highly available and suited reliably for the use on a 24/7 basis. The computers offer 5 PCIe slots for iba cards and another 6 slots for iba extension modules in compact design. All connections, like USB interfaces or connections for external devices, can be reached easily. Cooling is provided by a highly efficient cooling system. The PCs are configured according to your individual needs. The iba software will be installed according to your order. The computers only leave the production after having been carefully tested.


Technical highlights ibaRackline & ibaDeskline




ü› Xeon E3 processor, industrial mainboard with LGA1150 socket and C226 chipset as well as 16 GB DDR3-RAM
› High performance hard disk in SAS technology
› Slots for up to 8 hard disks
› Power supply unit (single/redundant)
› On board graphics board
› 5 PCIe slots for measuring boards,
1 PCIe x16 slot for SAS controller

› 6 special slots for iba extension modules in compact design
› Intergrated optical DVD writer
› Ports for external devices (keyboard, mouse, network and others)
› USB interface for the dongle on the frontside (concealed installation)
› High efficiency cooling system
› Monitoring of temperature and voltage supply (optional) with LED status display and alarm outputs





  Estimated* storage requirement for ibaCapture

  1 day7 days31 days
 1 camera21 GB144 GB639 GB
 4 cameras82 GB577 GB2.5 TB
  16 cameras330 GB2307 GB10.3 TB
  *estimate is based on a bit rate of 2Mbit/s for continuous recording


Estimated storage requirement for ibaHD-Server


 Number of signalsResolutionOccupied storage*
   Recording time
24 h
Recording time
7 days
Recording time
30 days
Recording time
300 days
Recording time
3000 days
 100 analog100 ms0.5 GB3 GB14 GB140 GB1.4 TB 
 100 analog10 ms4.5 GB 31 GB135 GB1.35 TB 13.5 TB 
 100 analog1 ms45 GB 310 GB1350 GB 13.5 TB 135 TB 
 100 digital100 ms10 MB  50 MB200 MB2 GB 20 GB 
 100 digital10 ms30 MB  160 MB660 MB6.6 GB 66 GB
 100 digital1 ms100 MB  650 MB2650 MB26,5 GB 265 GB
 10 events1 ms"100 MB (864000 registered events)"  780 MB3 GB30 GB 300 GB


*The values shown here for the occupied storage capacity are determined synthetically. For the estimation, test signals were used which can only be compressed insignificantly with the compression algorithms in the ibaHD-Server. In real operation, the compression algorithms are very effective and far less storage capacity is required for analog or digital signals.



Same estimation made from licensing-size, number of tags.

10 ms sampling rate.
 Analog30 days365 days
 512691 GB8,4 TB
 10241,4 TB16,9 TB
 20482,8 TB33,7 TB
 40865,5 TB67 TB
 819211 TB134 TB
 Digital30 days365 days
 5123,4 GB41 GB
 10246,8 GB82 GB
 204813,5 GB165 GB
 408627 GB328 GB
 819254 GB656 GB