An advanced carbon monoxide detector designed to provide early warning of spontaneous combustion in coal and biomass storage silos.



Specifically designed for detection of early-stage fire risk in storage silos for coal and biomass fuels, Silowatch continuously monitors and quickly responds to sudden carbon monoxide (CO) build-up, allowing preventative action to be taken before a fire develops.

Silowatch provides fast, accurate monitoring of CO in the silo, using AMETEK Land’s unique dual-sensor detection system. The detection of sudden CO build-up enables operators to act quickly, protecting your personnel, securing expensive silo equipment and avoiding costly downtime.

Silowatch works by extracting the sample gas from the silo headspace and continuously monitoring the CO level. Automatic calibration ensures high measurement integrity, while alarms can be customised to individual silo conditions.

Designed specific for use in coal and biomass storage silos, Silowatch ensures the protection of people, plant and process.


Silowatch has been proven in dozens of applications worldwide, providing enhanced safety and continuous monitoring. The detector’s extractive dual sensor system allows very high stability and automatic detection of calibration drift. As an additional precaution, an optional oxygen measurement is available for monitoring oxygen-limited silos.


The detector’s dual sensors constantly check CO levels at the silo headspace, using extractive analysis. The sensor’s fast response - T90 typically < 50 seconds - to increased CO levels provides the earliest possible warning to the operator of worsening conditions.


An optional Z-purge allows the Silowatch analyzer to be installed in Class II Div 2 hazardous areas.

Silowatch is AMETEK Land’s carbon monoxide detector for detection of spontaneous heating and spontaneous combustion in biomass and coal silos.