HBTMS Calibration Source


Human Body Temperature Measurement System (HBTMS) Calibration Source for infrared thermometers/pyrometers and thermal imagers designed to provide accurate, traceable and portable calibration on-site.




The need for fast, accurate determination of human body temperature has led to the development of a high accuracy blackbody source for 38 °C (100.4 °F) calibration of infrared thermometers/pyrometers and thermal imagers. 

The blackbody source is supplied with UKAS certified (ISO17025) for an effective wavelength of 8 to 14um over temperature 36°C to 40°C which enables optimal online calibration checks of on-site infrared thermometers/pyrometers and thermal imaging systems that measure human body temperatures (typically the face at a distance), to provide highly accurate temperature measurement results. 

This source is simple and easy to set up and operate, and can assist in the calibration of infrared thermometers/pyrometers and thermal imagers used to monitor and detect significant rises in skin surface temperature, which is typically associated with a person running a high fever.


 Temperature Range: 38 °C (100.4 °F)
 Resolution: ±0.01°C
 Target Size: 70mm Diameter (minimum)
 Emissivity:  0.97 ± 0.02
 Combined Accuracy / Stability: ±0.2°C (±0.3°F)
 Power: 60 Watts
 Voltage: 12 Vdc
 Dimensions: 230mm x 225mm x 115mm (H,W,D)
 Weight: 4kg
 Options: Optional PC Interface
 Accessories: Switch Mode Power Supply Supplied as Standard 100-240 VAC

Please note specifications and appearance may change depending on parts availability.