SENSE-3 Gateway Kit

SENSE-3 Unit (Gateway pre-assembled with Gateway Hub and Mounting Kit)
Gateway 4G Atenna Cable
2x Gateway Hub Continuity Plug (HCP-I)
Gateway Hub to Gateway Cable 0.2m (Cable GH)
Gateway Hub Power Cable 10m (Cable HP)
Tillverkare: Tan Delta Systems
Artikelnr: SENSE-3

SENSE-3 is a scalable data monitoring & analysis solution giving you access to both live and historic data using any online M2M/IoT monitoring system, such as Tan Delta Online. Consisting of an IoT Gateway, mounted with Tan Delta’s modular Gateway Hub system to form 1 single small footprint unit, the SENSE-3 Gateway Kit allows up to 3x OQSx-G2 sensors to be connected out of the box, with option to upgrade the system to 16x sensors by connecting multiple Gateway Hubs (sold separately) to the SENSE-3 unit, therefore catering for large multi-asset systems where timing of maintenance intervals is crucial.

SENSE-3 enables data transmission using a variety of methods depending upon location and network availability. These include Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet. 

  • SYSTEM INTEGRATION - Supports up to 3 sensors out of the box, and up to 16 by purchasing modular upgrades. Sensor Cables (Cable SH, sold separately) come in a variety of lengths to ensure easy installation, integration and operation.
  • CONNECTIVITY TO TD-ONLINE - A data hub and dashboard view of monitored assets and alerts you to developing issues prior to any equipment damage or lost production. The interface is similar across desktop/tablet/smartphone views for ease of use.
  • SIMPLE TO DEPLOY - Allowing quick and simple installation on any piece of equipment, whether brand new or being installed as part of a retrofit.
  • INDUSTRIAL QUALITY - IP67 rated, suitable for installation in any harsh commercial or industrial environment.
  • MONITOR ALL SITE ASSETS - The modular gateway system allows you to view the health status and location of your entire fleet of assets at the click of a button.
  • REDUCE BREAKDOWNS AND DAMAGE - Improve efficiency and extend the life of your equipment by ensuring optimal oil condition and reliable early detection of potential issues before wear particles are present and damage occurs.
  • EXTEND OIL DRAIN INTERVALS - Safely extend oil life and drain intervals by monitoring real-time degradation and conduct maintenance when there is actual need, rather than on an ‘hours run’ basis.ble