The WayGrind is the world's highest-precision large machine tool. Machine tool manufacturers around the globe are using it for the high-precision manufacturing of their guideways. However, the use of WALDRICH COBURG´s guideway and surface grinding machines is not restricted to high precision manufacturing of grey cast-iron or steel components for machine tools. Components of hard stone (e.g. granite), ceramics or polymer concrete for measuring measuring machines or measuring plates can also be machined.
Other typical applications are the fully automatic grinding of base plates for multiple tools of injection molding machines or plates in jig manufacturing.
SKU: WayGrind


Design:Portal Design
Power of grinding support22 / 50kW
Clearance width1,000 - 3,500mm
Clearance height1,000 - 3,500mm
Setup length2,000 - 15,000mm