VPN router via network - EBW100-LAN

VPN router with integrated LAN interface for a secure remote maintenance via an existing Internet connection or DSL modem (PPPoE)
Tillverkare: DELTA LOGIC
Artikelnr: EBW100-LAN

VPN router with integrated LAN interface for a secure remote maintenance via an existing Internet connection or DSL modem (PPPoE)

The EBW100-LAN is an industrial-suited VPN router that can be mounted on a top-hat rail. Together with an existing Internet connection via network or a DSL modem, it can be used to realize secure remote connections to your machines. Supporting OpenPVN, an encrypted and secure remote connection is established via the insecure Internet. Furthermore, a firewall prevents unauthorized accesses to the connected networks. By using our free VPN portal Deltalogic24 you can very easily setup your remote maintenance via mobile radio.

Perfect fields of application

For the secure remote access through the Internet to Ethernet devices via TCP/IP
Connecting S7-PLCs and HMI devices with Ethernet interface directly via TCP/IP
Connecting S7-PLCs and HMI devices with MPI/PROFIBUS/PPI interface using the communication adaptor ACCON-NetLink-PRO compact
Connecting S5-PLCs with TTY interface using the communication adaptor ACCON-S5-LAN

Convincing and varied

In order to simply use a secure VPN connection, we have setup the VPN portal Deltalogic24 for you. You can use it free of charge with all VPN routers that we are offering. Of course, you can use other VPN portals or your own VPN server.

Technical highlights

  • Establishing a connection via existing network or DSL modem
  • Remote access to Ethernet devices or machines incl. HMI
  • Access to MPI/PROFIBUS/PPI or S5 with communication adaptor possible
  • 2 integrated LAN interfaces
  • Firewall
  • Supporting OpenVPN
  • Secure remote maintenance via Internet
  • Simple configuration via web interface

You need further functions?

Get to know the well-proven “VPN router MoRoS-LAN”. This router additionally provides you with the following features:

  • 5 LAN ports (4-port switch for the local network, 1 port for external connection)
  • Linux sandbox: Use Linux applications within the router
  • Redundant internet connection: connection of a 56k modem possible
  • Digital I/Os allow for e. g. connection management and message transmission
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