T8124-E Outdoor Midspan 60 W 1-port

Power and data to your network device. For outdoor installations.
Manufacturer: Axis Communications
SKU: 488753

Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers an easy, fast and cost-effective solution for powering network products. A midspan injects power and data to the network device with built-in PoE support. No need to replace existing Ethernet switches and cabling infrastructure. AXIS T8124-E Outdoor Midspan 60 W 1-port is IEEE 802.3at compliant and provides 60 W (two times IEEE 802.3at), which is required when operating e.g. AXIS Q60-E Network Cameras in temperatures below -20 °C. Safe and reliable operation in outdoor environments, offering surge protection for both the AC and the PoE ports ensuring protection to the equipment from outdoor surges.

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