ProSpeedTM LSV-2100

Lower Operating Costs and Improved Process Control and Reliability For reliable processes, accurate velocity control and precise cut-to-length applications, replace contact wheel measurements with the LSV-2100 Laser Surface Velocimeter for non-contact velocity and length measurement, higher operating efficiency, reduced downtime and easy integration.
Tillverkare: Polytec
Artikelnr: 96203

Precise speed and length measurements are critical for controlling the production of continuous materials, sheet materials and piece goods. ProSpeedTM – the next generation LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters – optimize production processes by providing  eliable measurements and increase the output worldwide in the metals, cable and converting industries.
Due to the highly precise, non-contact measurement principle, ProSpeedTM laser sensors eliminate common problems of traditional contact-wheel measurement methods such as damage to delicate surfaces, slippage and thermal expansion on almost any surface.

The enhanced connectivity of the ProSpeedTM LSV-2100 ensures transparency – anywhere and anytime. The optical sensor determines the direction of motion and standstill conditions, with extended stand-off distances of up to 3 m, adding flexibility for  easurements under harsh conditions. For additional protection, choose the thermo-protective housing (TPH).

■■ Easy process integration with long stand-off distances up to 3 m
■■ Transparency thanks to the enhanced connectivity (touch display, web interface, Ethernet, field bus protocols)
■■ Multi user access (3 via Ethernet + 1 serial)
■■ No recalibration required
■■ Determines direction of motion and standstill
■■ Visible laser for easy alignment
■■ Robust sensor technology (IP 66, 67)

All-in-one optical sensor head with direction and standstill detection.

Setup and operation via web interface or PC software (both included)
Temperature stabilized laser diode
Wavelength: 650 ... 700 nm (visible, red)
Output power: <25 mW
Laser safety class: 3B
Max. output update rate: 1024/sec. (configurable)
Interfaces: Encoder, RS 422, Ethernet, web interface
6 digital inputs & 8 digital outputs for laser safety, precise triggering and status monitoring

Technical description

Metrological Specifications

Nominal working distance [mm]30050070010001500200025003000
Depth-of-field [mm]±120±120±140±140±140±200±200±200
Minimal velocity [m/min]0 (Standstill)
Maximal velocity [m/min]±7700±10000±12300±14600
Max. Acceleration [m/s2]300

Measurement units mm/s, m/min, ft/s, ft/min, m or ft (selectable)

Accuracy <0.05 % of reading*
Repeatability <0.02 % of reading*
Measurement value output rate 1024 s-1
* Under controlled conditions

Standard interfaces
■ RS-422
■ Multi User Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s)
■ Web Interface
■ Encoder (user-selectable, max. 500 kHz)
■ 24 V Status-I/O

Optional interfaces
■ Profibus-DP
■ Profinet-IO
■ Analog (voltage/ current optional)
■ Wireless Ethernet

General Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 120 x 110 mm (see drawing)
Weight 4.3 kg
Power consumption 24 V DC / max. 20 W
Temperature range sensor 0 ... +45 °C
Relative humidity max. 80 %, non-condensing

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