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09. December 2019
Hardware - HWA2019-11
For our product ibaNet750-BM-D we have released the new firmware v01.03.004.
05. December 2019
ibaPDA - PDA2019-11
ibaPDA software release version v7.1.1.

25. November 2019
ibaAnalyzer - ANA2019-08
ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.1.3.

ibaPDA software release version v7.1.0.

For our products ibaBM-eCAT, ibaPADU-S-IT-2x16 and ibaPADU-S-CM
we have released new firmware Software.
04. November 
ibaDaVIS - DAV2019-04
ibaDaVIS software release version v2.4.0.

ibaCapture software release version v4.5.2.

21. October
Hardware - HWA2019-09
ibaMS8xICP, ibaPADU-8-ICP, ibaDAQ-S and iba-PCs Win 7
ibaHD-Server software release version v2.3.4.

ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.1.2.

Software release: ibaPDA-Request-S7-DP/PN and ibaPDA-Request-S7-UDP.
ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.1.1.

16. September
ibaPDA - PDA2019-08

ibaPDA software release version v7.0.6.

ibaDatCoordinator software release version v2.2.1.

ibaCapture software release version v4.5.1.

ibaAnalyzer-inSpectra software release version v7.1.0.

ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.1.0.

ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.1.0.

ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.1.0.

For our product ibaPQU-S we have released the new firmware v02.11.012.
ibaPDA software release version v7.0.4.

ibaLogic software release version v5.5.2.

ibaDaVIS software release version v2.3.0.
ibaCapture software release version v4.5.0.
10. July
ibaLogic - LOG2019-03
ibaLogic software release version v5.5.1.
For our product ibaBM-PN we have released the new firmware v01.04.002.
ibaPDA software release version v7.0.3.

For our product ibaFOB-D we have released the new firmware D9.

ibaLogic software release version v5.5.0.

For our product PADU-S-IT-2x16
we have released the new firmware v02.14.013.

ibaCapture software release version v4.5.2.

07. June
ibaAnalyzer - ANA2019-04
ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.0.3.

ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.0.2.

21. May
ibaInSpectra - ISP2019-01
ibaInSpectra and ibaAnalyzer-inSpectra software release versions:
ibaPDA v7.0.1 and ibaAnalyzer v7.0.1.

21. May
ibaPDA - PDA2019-03
ibaPDA software release version v7.0.1.
This is the first available version of the new major version 7.
ibaVision software release version v1.1.1.
16. May
ibaCapture - CAP2019-02
ibaCapture software release version v4.4.1.

For our product ibaBM-PN we have released the new firmware v01.04.001.
For our products ibaPADU-S-CM and ibaNet750-BM-D we have released new versions.

ibaDatCoordinator software release version v2.2.0.

ibaAnalyzer software release version v7.0.1.

ibaHD-Server software release version v2.3.0.

ibaDaVIS software release version v2.2.0.

We have released the new firmware v02.05.002 for our product BM-eCAT.
20. March
ibaCapture - CAP2019-01
ibaCapture software release version v4.4.0.
ibaCapture-ScreenCam software release version v4.1.1.

28. February
ibaPDA - PDA2019-02
ibaLogic software release version v5.5.2.

ibaAnalyzer software release version v6.12.0.
ibaLogic software release version v5.4.2.
11. February
ibaDatCoordinator - DAT2019-01
ibaLogic software release version v5.5.1.
ibaPDA software release version v6.39.14.

ibaDaVIS software release version v2.1.0.

20. December 2018

ibaAnalyzer ANA2018-08

ibaAnalyzer software release version v6.11.2.

10. December 2018

ibaPDA - PDA2018-17

ibaPDA software release version v6.39.13.

06. December 2018

ibaAnalyzer - ANA2018-07

ibaAnalyzer software release version v6.11.1.

04. December 2018

ibaPDA - PDA2018-16

We have released the following new library versions: 
ibaPDA-Request-S7-DP/PN and ibaPDA-Request-S7-UDP

04. December 2018

Hardware - HWA2018-10

We have released the new firmware 
v02.05.001 for our product BM-eCAT.

28. November 2018

ibaCapture - CAP2018-05

ibaCapture software release version v4.3.3.

27. November 2018

ibaAnalyzer - ANA2018-06

ibaAnalyzer software release version v6.11.0.

07. November 2018

ibaPDA - PDA2018-15

ibaPDA software release version v6.39.12.

18. October 2018

ibaDatManager - DAT2018-01

ibaDatManager software release version v1.4.4.

18. October 2018

Hardware - HWA2018-09

We have released the new firmware v02.14.011
for our product ibaPADU-S-CM.

17. October 2018

ibaLogic - LOG2018-04

ibaLogic software release version v5.4.1.

11. October 2018

ibaPDA - PDA2018-14 

ibaPDA software release version v6.39.11.

04. October 2018

ibaLogic - LOG2018-03

ibaLogic software release version v5.4.0.

24. September 2018

Hardware - HWA2018-08

We have released the new firmware 
v01.03.004 for our product ibaBM-PN.

24. September 2018

ibaCapture - CAP2018-04

ibaCapture software release version v4.3.1.

13. September 2018

ibaVision - VIS2018-02

ibaVision software release version v1.1.0.