Join our free Webinar - Automatic detection of process deviations

den 22 september 2020

Join our free webinar - Automatic detection of process deviations
Thu, Oct 22, 2020 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CEST
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During this Webinar, some of the latest product news from iba will be presented and demonstrated:
• ibaInCycle – Online monitoring of cyclical processes and reoccurring process phases
• ibaPDA database (DB) connectivity
            - DB time based data storage
            - DB interface

During the demo of ibaInCycle, the potential of ibaInCycle for monitoring anomalies, outliers and wear in reoccurring processes and process phases will be presented based on two customer cases. Indicators for alarming and trending are calculated live in real-time with the original data from customers.

During the demo of ibaPDA DB connectivity, two ibaPDA systems will be used, (I) and (II). Data will be written directly from ibaPDA (I) to a database with the use of a ibaPDA DB time based data storage. The data stored in the database will, in the purpose of this demonstration, be considered as data from a Level 2 system. The Level 2 data will then be read by another ibaPDA system (II) with the use of a DB interface. The Level 2 data will be stored together with actual process data in the ibaPDA system (II).

Lars Olsson (COO Begner Systems, Begner Agenturer)
Christian Reinbrecht (Product Manager, iba AG)