Power Quality System - Power Quality System

Power Quality System - Power Quality System The Power Quality Unit ibaPQU-S can be used for high-accuracy monitoring of the power quality in energy grids. For this purpose, characteristics of electric power quality are calculated according to the standard and are acquired and recorded by ibaPDA.
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 ibaPQU-S, At a glance

- Modular power quality monitoring system with highest accuracy

- Measurement in sync with the grid

- Internal calculation of grid quality parameters according to IEC61000-4-30, class A.

- Power and energy values

- Data acquisition and calculation of statistical and long-term power quality parameters using ibaPDA (FO connection required)

- Raw values for drill-down are available in ibaPDA.

- All calculated values are available as single values in ibaPDA and can be monitored.

Acquiring dynamic processes rapidly

With the iba system, fast transient signal transitions can be acquired and recorded with an appropriate acquisition hardware in the range from 1 kHz to 100 kHz at a high resolution.

As with this application the measurement data are to be recorded only in case of failure, ibaPDA initially stores the data in an internal buffer. When a failure condition occurs, the data are recorded in a triggered way.

Prove power quality according to standards

ibaPQU-S measures net-synchronously raw values like current and voltage and calculates internally the characteristic values that are relevant for the net quality like e.g. IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and thus is suitable for analyzing purposes according to EN 50160.

Analyzing power quality and troubleshooting with one system

Protective devices in the plant can be integrated by means of the standardized transfer protocol IEC61850 for protection and control technology. If in complex plants, several thousands of signals have to be acquired synchronously at a high acquisition rate, several ibaPDA-systems are connected via FO conductors and the data are recorded sample-exact (Multistation-functionality).

The recorded data are analyzed with ibaAnalyzer. Thus, the causes for failures can be determined and long-term reports about power quality can be generated automatically.

Overview of the parameters

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