OQSx-G2 Oil Profile Service

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OQSx-G2 Oil Profile Service

Every oil type has its own properties. For optimal quality change detection sensitivity and accuracy performance of the Oil Quality Sensor (OQSx), we recommend that the sensor is configured for the specific target oil type. We maintain a growing database of oil type configurations (Profiles) accessible in the Configuration and Data Software (CADS). For oils not listed we will create a specific profile upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to carry out a profile?

A 200ml sample of clean, unused oil, is required along with information about the application and knowledge of the operating temperature range for the oil/equipment.

How is it done?

We start by cycling your oil over the specified temperature range in order to collect data and map its characteristics. This initial data is then analysed and information programmed into our test sensors to check the calculations before adding the data to our database for you to use.

What if I need my oil analysing?

Send us used samples of your oil stating the % of the oil life you believed to have been used. We will then test this oil using our test sensors and analyse the data, along with lab reports. We then report back on the quality of oil and any changes required to the sensitivity of your sensors.